Aug 022008

Last weekend I noticed that the spinner on my Yak54 was not running true. Previously I had not seen that problem. I also had the feeling that there seemed to be some flex in the engine mount. However at the time I could not discover any problem, until..

..I decided to add some air duct around the engine, to make sure the air goes where it’s needed. Since I had now good access to the engine, I looked again, and all of a sudden it became very clear why I had noticed a slight wobble!

This is Not a Good Thing

This is Not a Good Thing

For the sake of the picture I pushed the side out, in its ‘normal’ state the only hint of a problem was the wooden pin at the bottom sticking out. The top of the engine box was also broken loose from the firewall. The method of securing this rather vital bit of wood was by means of a small piece of triangular balsa stock, wis was only glues on one side.

Cause of the problem? I did break a prop on one of my first flights. Landed just on the long grass at the edge of the strip. It certainly could have given the mount a kick.

In hindsight I did notice a different engine sound during the last flight. But since I’m still learning (7th flight!) I put that down to the fact that the engine is running better. (Only 7 flights?? I know, weather and gremlins keep me grounded.)

Moral of the story: If you are not happy with the construction of any part, fix it! Use YOUR common sense.

Now, do I go for the full fibreglassing job, which will take a week or do I add a few alu corner pieces, and I could still be ready for this afternoon..

I guess I just answered that. It’s the quick fix, alu brackets.

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