May 122008

Abstract from the BMFA

Following the crash of an expensive gas turbine model helicopter, the investigation into the cause revealed that the synthesised transmitter being used to control the helicopter was interfered with by a nearby mobile telephone.

In this case it was a Multiplex transmitter but it is possible the same could occur with other synthesised transmitters. The transmitter manufacturer’s instructions were scrutinised and found to contain a warning that mobile telephones were not to be used within the direct vicinity of the transmitter and subsequent trials revealed that the incident was repeatable with that transmitter. The UKRCC will be carrying out further investigations to determine the extent of the problem and will be advising in the future. The BMFA already recommends that mobile telephones are not taken into the pits or flying area for other reasons but be aware that mobile telephones could interfere with synthesised transmitters.

BAC will operate this policy:

Update some long time later: There is actually a rule for medical equipment that states that you should never have any transmitting thingy within 6 feet of medical equipment. Take that to include RC equipment. Thankfully our 2.4 stuff is a bit more robust, but never believe things to be ‘safe’, especially electric planes with ‘hot’ engines!


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