Yak 54 RTF

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Mar 262013

Seagull Yak 54. 57in Wingspan. Length 52.8in. Saito 82 4 x stroke engine. Futaba FP-R 138DF receiver. In excellent condition and ready to fly – just  add fuel. Cost £160.00.  Telephone 07867998493.


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Table Sale

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Mar 042013

Thanks to everyone who supported our table sale on Friday 8th March. While numbers were down on previous years, there was still some money changing hands and models left in different hands with everyone happy!

Banbridge Table Sale 2013_1


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Roops, Loops & Soaring

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Feb 262013

Saturday 16th February saw the first Funfly competition of the year taking place at the club, the usual sound of engines was somewhat decreased with electric setups making up half the planes. As usual high levels of pre-competition practice were evident with not just trimming flights needed, but test flights of new models/setups and radio re-installations!

With the weather improved from what it’s been for about 18 months, Climb & Glide was fine if you stayed out of the low cloud patches (Me!) and your engine quit when asked (Sean!),  but with the field still wet, touch & go’s were out, as was the Tripple Thrash. So some alternatives were sought and the old favourite of one minute of loops was settled on and for a change one of the mystery rounds used at the Nats, Roops.

What are Roops I hear you cry!

Roops consist of a one minute flight including a countdown for the pilot in which to complete as many sequences of one roll followed by one loop as possible, with the plane to touch down before the minute is up. For every second over one minute, the pilot looses two points. In my case, I performed 11 sequences but went three seconds over so lost six points, in Paul’s case a score of nine with a penalty of -22 would have resulted in a score of -13, but we were generous and gave him zero!

The comp finished as usual with the Limbo, with some good scores, some not so good scores and one buckled undercarriage (ask me how I know!)

Final positions were

1st Mathew   3713

2nd Alistair  2937

3rd Brian       2912

4th Sean         2414

5th Iain          2178

6th Paul         1440



After lunch, with conditions favourable, and the experience gained from last years highly unpredictable weather, it was decided to run the e-soaring competition scheduled for the following weekend. Fair notice had been given to be prepared for this, so  suitable models were on hand. Unfortunately I had to leave early so I can’t provide a very detailed report, only the results. Two rounds were flown, with a 20 second climb followed by a glide, with bonus for spot landing, which nobody got!

1st Matthew  2000

2nd Brian       1559

3rd Paul          1207

4th Alistair     1207


Happy Landings,


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Aeromodelling Collection for Sale

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Jan 312013

Owing  to  illness  and  consequent  disability  the  following  Aeromodelling  Items  are  for  sale :



Engine Size Type Comment Rec. Price  £ Sale  Price  £
Saito 325R5 Radial  5 – cyl4 stroke As  new –  run twice 1800 950
Saito 120 Single  4  stroke Used  Good 300 70 SOLD
Saito 72 Single  4  stroke Used  Good 200 50 SOLD
Laser 150 Single  4  stroke New – never  run 300 200
Webra 120  Speed Single  2  stroke Used  Good 100 50
West 50 + tuned  pipe Single  2  stroke New – never  run 100  +  30 50  +  20 SOLD
SuperTigre G23 Single  2  stroke Used  Good 110 40
Irvine 53 Single  2  stroke Used  GoodNew  Carb 80 40
MVVS 26cc Petrol  +  BCM muffler Single  2  stroke New – Never  run 200  +  40 100  +  20 SOLD
Zenoah 45cc  Petrol  +muffler Single 2  stroke Used  Good 100
Moki 210 Single  2  stroke New – never  run 200 100
Moki 135 Single  2  stroke New – never  run 130 80
OS 160AX Single  2  stroke New – never  run 285 150
OS 120AX Single  2  stroke Used Very Good 224 100 SOLD
OS 90FX Single  2  stroke Used  Good 180 50
OS 90FX Single  2  stroke Used  Good 180 50
OS 50FX Single  2  stroke Used  Good 80 40 SOLD
OS 50FX Single  2  stroke Used  Good 80 40
OS 50FX Single  2  stroke Used  Good 80 40
OS 45FX Single  2  stroke New – never  run 80 50
OS 45FX Single  2  stroke Used  Good 80 40
Radio Model Type Comment Rec.  Price  £ Sale  Price  £
Futaba 9C 35Mhz  FM/PCM9  channel  Includes  Traplet  Manual As  new – serviced 200 100   ( includes  new  battery  Sanyo  Eneloop  1800Mah )
Futaba Receiver PCM 1024 Used  Good 80 20 SOLD
Futaba Receiver PCM 1024 Used  Good 80 20 SOLD
Futaba Receiver PCM 1024 Used  Good 80 20
Futaba Servo 3001 Used  Good 10  each 3  each
Futaba Servo High  Power Used  Good 20  each 10  each
Futaba Connecting  Leads Long , Short ,Y-lead Used  Good £0.50  each


Plane Size Type Comment Rec.  Price  £ Sale  Price  £
Hangar  9  Taylorcraft  BE12C  MkII 26cc  Pet. / 150  glow ARTF  Scale  Monoplane  80  inch Never  out  of  box 435 220 SOLD
Hangar  9  Showtime  4D 90 – 120  glow ARTF  Freestyle  Aerobatic Never  out  of  box 220 120 SOLD
YT Adrenaline  MkII 120  glow ARTF  Aerobatic  Pattern Never  out  of  box 250 150
Great  Planes  UCD  45 50  glow ARTF  Freestyle  Aerobatic Never  out  of  box 153 80
Weston  Hype 50  glow ARTF  Freestyle  Aerobatic Unflown  U/C  mounting  improved , spare  cowls ,F/G  U/C 120 70 SOLD
MK  Synergy 50  glow Small  Aerobatic  Pattern  50  inch Kit  never  out  of  box 120 60
Great  Planes Super Skybolt  Biplane 90  –  120  glow Scale  Bipe  50  inch Kit  never  out  of  box 120 60
Auto  gyro 32  glow Trainer  autogyro Kit  never  out  of  box 100 50 SOLD


Misc  Items Size Type Comment Rec.  Price  £ Sale  Price  £
Morgan  Cool  Power  Fuel  15% 4  gallons   Box  of  4  never  used 100  –  £25  per  gallon 40  –  £10  per  gallon SOLD
Sullivan  Dynatron  Starter 12  volt –24  volt   Good  used   10 SOLD
12  Volt  Starter  Battery Compact Used  Good  deep cycle  Yuasa 5
Glow  driver Hand  clip  on Used  Good 3
Glow  fuel  pump Battery  driven Used  Good 3
Props  Various 10  inch –20  inch Fiber  glass  and  wood New /  Used £3  large  unused , £1  small  used
Glow  Plugs Card  of  10 OS  #8 New  Unused 20 10  –  £1  eachSOLD
Covering Iron 240 volt Flat  Sole Used Good 30 10
Covering  Iron 240 volt Round  Sole Used  Good 30 10
Covering  Iron  Thermometer     Used  Good 10 5


    Various  Colours – Ring   £5 per  yard
Great Planes  Electric  Hinge  Slotter 110 volt   Unused   10
Transformer  for  Great Planes  Hinge  Slotter 240 volt  down  to  110 volt   Unused   10
Kavan  Hinges Medium Pin  Hinge New   10 – £0.50
Kavan  Hinges Large Pin  Hinge New   10 – £0.50
Undercarriage  Saddle  Clamps Medium   New   10 – £0.50
Weston  Tuned  Pipe 30cc   New  in  Packaging 30 15
Weston  Tuned  Pipes 40 , 50 , 90 , 120   Used scratches  and  slight  dents   £2.00  each
Engine  Mounts 40 – 90 Nylon New   £1.00  each

I  want  rid  of  the  lot  ASAP !

No  Time  Wasters  or  Haggling !

If  you  buy  and  don’t  like  it – bring  back  in  SAME  condition  for  FULL REFUND .


Peter  R  Anderson

Ph:02897565521  .

e-mail : pranderson9@hotmail.com

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Horizon Hobby UK Come & Fly 2012

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Oct 142012

Following the success of last year’s Horizon Hobby UK Come and Fly evening when you all helped to raise over £1400 for Epilepsy Action NI, I’m very pleased to announce that we will have another Come and Fly event this winter.

With the kind help of Horizon Hobby UK you will have the only chance in the UK to come, fly & explore the latest products from Eflite, Parkzone, Blade & Spektrum. We will have demo’s throughout the day and plenty of products for you to have a go.

There will be a large raffle of Horizon Products to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a very worthwhile cause. I’ve set a fundraising page up on their website which i’ll update shortly, https://www.justgiving.com/ComeandFly

The details are;

Date : Saturday 17th November 2012
Time : 1pm – 6pm
Venue : Queens University PEC Sports Hall. (BT9 5EX, Stranmillis Embankment, Belfast)
Cost : £2 per head
(This includes entry into a separate raffle to win a Horizon Hobby Product)

You will need valid BMFA insurance to fly, this will be checked on the door.

I think that’s all for now, more details will follow closer to the time. If you have any questions just drop me an email.

Please pass this info onto anyone who may be interested, everyone is welcome.




Area Funfly 2012

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Sep 232012

Pilots & Spectators at the 2012 area Funfly

I’m glad to say that the Area Funfly postponed earlier in the “Summer” ran on the 22nd of September and was once again organised by the Banbridge club and this year was hosted at the Craigavon clubs very well maintained Cranny road site, which provided an excellent venue. Also excellent was the weather, which i’m glad to say behaved itself all day.

Pilot numbers were well up on the last couple of years, with eight pilots in class 1 and three in class 2, and also in a change to recent years there were not only several clubs involved, but several countries!, so the first ever international funfly took place. I’m glad to say that by very fortunate co-incidence Simon McNeill was home from Scotland for the weekend & so Dennis’ Limbo dancer found itself with higher rate than normal, while our good friend Kees Blokland was also back on the auld sod for a short break. To help Kees out Sean stepped up & volunteered his recently completed Limbo Dancer for Kees to take part, and take part he did, in two rounds, until the electric wires at the edge of the field jumped up & bit him! shearing the wing very neatly in two.

A slightly embarassed Kees with “modified” limbo wing, a very forgiving Sean & Dennis glad to have finised in one piece!

Sean completed the comp with Matthews spare plane, while Kees declined the offer for some unknown reason!

The remainder of the competition provided the usual thrills and spills of cut limbo strings & caught wing tips, it was great to hear the spectators shouting every time a plane managed a pass under and the ooh’s & aahh’s when it didn’t quite make it!

The mystery round which both classes took part in was loop’s & Spots, a 30 second climb, engine cut & perform as many loops as possible before landing as close to the centre of the strip as possible. Believe it or not 30 seconds makes a plane very small & they carry very quickly downwind as I found out. I also found out that just because someone suggests you could squeeze in another loop, doesn’t mean you should!

The competition was definitely in the traditional funfly spirit and big thanks are due to the Craigavon club for their hospitality and willingness to join in.

Scores are below.




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German Acromasters 2012

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Sep 152012

You may or may not know that Matthew is competing in the German Acromasters and is currently doing very well against the stiffest competition in Europe.

Matthew is posting a daily blog HERE where you can follow his progress.

Good luck Matthew, You can do it!

Kees: Well, he did!  14th (out of 33)  in a very tough competition, in which Gernot Bruckman took the top honours. Trevor and Matt hit the road tonight, I’m starting off tomorrow morning, so see you all next weekend 😉


Old Friends (not that old!)

Matts Extra in the Pits at the Acromasters


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Sep 152012

Once again there was a strong Banbridge contingent on Barkston Heath for the BMFA Nats. Dennis & Jeanette provided base camp in the caravan, Paul, Sean & Morris headed over in Seans car, while Matthew & Trevor had the well loaded van and were hoping for a reduction is the usual Barkston crosswind for the IMAC. Simon also made it down fromScotland(we still claim him for Banbridge!)

For once the weather behaved, the wind was manageable and most surprising of all given the summer we’ve had, was the sunshine.

I’m very glad to say that Matthew retained his Unlimited IMAC title for the 3rd year in a row, came second in the freestyle, and won the Breitling trophy for overall champion in IMAC. Simon also placed well at 7th in Unlimited & 3rd in Freestyle.

As for how much fuller Sean’s car was coming home, I’m not sure, no doubt some new toys will appear at the field sometime soon!

Matthews report & some Pics can be found HERE, also keep an eye out for his article in an upcoming Radio Control Model World.

For those of you with a Facebook account have a look at the 500 or so pictures taken by Thomas Bakon HERE, they give a great flavour of a day at the Nats and made me wish I’d gone!







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“Summer” Roundup

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Aug 252012

As you may have noticed, the website is not updated just as regularly as it should have been, there are a couple of very good reasons for this.

1)      Things have been a bit slow due to the weather. (The weather is a great excuse for everything!)

2)      I’m useless!

Since the last up date things have been happening for some of our members, there was another great Imac competition organised by Matthew & hosted at the Tyrella club. A full report on this can be found on Matthews website HERE together with a great selection of photos.

The well filled pits at Tyrella

As part of the run up to this, Brendan went for the ‘B’ Cert and I’m glad to say was successful. Well done & congratulations to Brendan.

Sean presenting Brendan with his ‘B’ Certificate

We have also had a number of displays, the first being a new event, run by the Wartime Living History Association at Springhill house in Moneymore, where we managed a few display flights in between WWII battle re-enactments, complete with machineguns and explosions. Only one aircraft was shot down (by a tree!), thankfully the pilot was OK. There was one near miss, when a bunch of crafty Gerrys opened up with their machine gun during David’s warm up flight with the heli, thankfully the helicopter survived, although a strong cup of tea and a change of underwear was needed by the pilot.

Alistair looking nervous, perhaps he is concealing the fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies.

(More worryingly we found out afterwards that Von Klinkerhoffen here was not part of the re-enactments, but a member of the public!)

You can watch some of the battle action HERE, just to let you see that Aeromodellers are at the saner end of the hobby nuts scale!

These things don’t grow on trees you know, oh wait…..

Then we had the now annual night at Drumlough, outside Rathfriland , where we thankfully avoided any mid-airs this year, but did give the slates on the hall a fair rattle during on of the toffee drops. It’s the first time children have had to climb a drainpipe to retrieve the sweets (and they did!). As always we were treated to the best of hospitality and a fireworks show to round the night off, although this year did see a strange plane shaped object shining brightly in the night sky as the good folks of Drumlough danced the night away.

No Idea what that could have been!

As always we had a great turn out of pilots, models & spectators at Delamont & despite the weather we managed to get in two good displays during the afternoon, and once again the toffee drops proved very popular with children of all ages!! More pictures and run down of the display HERE.

The field has gone through a few phases this year, again hampered by the weather, which delayed silage being cut, which in turn badly affected what could get in and out of the strip, thankfully we are now back to normal if still moderately moist from time to time.

Hopefully coming up we have the Club Champs at the beginning of September as well as a heli competition and the rescheduled area Funfly. As I write this there is also a strong Banbridge contingent clearing out the Trade stands at the Nats, so no doubt there there will be some goodies appearing at the field very soon.



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The Ballynafoy Bomber

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Apr 302012

Trying to keep an eye on what projects people are up to is always interesting, is there a new Aerobatic beauty or some cutting edge Horizon technology about to emerge from the Poots Garage? Is Paul going to maiden the pusher propjet he bought at the Nats or do a circuit with the heli!! And will Sean ever finish the twin??

Then Alistair says he’s building a B31. Now that will be different, something scale, a bomber, probably World War II.

Looking to see what a B31 looks like causes some confusion, because it never actually existed, it lost out in a competition to design a long range bomber to the B29 in 1938.

So what was Alistair on about, had he been sniffing some strange agrochemical, had the thin air at the high altitude of Ballynafoy finally got to him?

Then the next message says he can’t make a committee meeting because he has to take the B31 for an MOT!

Yep he’s definitely cracked, could be helicopter exhaust fumes, or spending too long in an inverted hover has fried his brain!


Then he sends the pictures and it all becomes clear. Those of you who know Alistair will know he has another affliction besides Aeromodelling, and that is engineering, particularly vintage things, and I don’t just mean the annual service of the club’s Westwood Mower.  Alistair has a great talent for taking what looks like it should have died & gone to the scrapyard in the sky donkeys years ago and bringing it back to life, looking like it came out of the factory yesterday.


It turns out BSA made a motorbike, in this case in 1950, called the B31, which as you can see from the pictures had gotten into a sorry state. In the second picture you can see that Alistair has been doing more than planting Barley & helicopters up theBallynafoy Rd.Apparently the only bit of the re-furb not undertaken by Alistair was the re-spoking of the wheels. It looks like a first class job and I’m glad to say it passed the MOT first time!

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