Jun 092010

…bad actor that is.  I fitted a micro camera to my Blaster and had a fling in the mountains. (Yellow Road, my favourite spot). The memory card only held 4 minutes video, so I had to make short flights and copy the files to my laptop all the time. This problem has been fixed in the meantime, I now have over an hour recording capability. Anyway, the video below is nothing more than proof of concept and a test to see where to best mount the camera. In most of these clips, the camera was mounted under the wing, looking forward 45 degrees and slightly down.  There were also a couple of lads playing with their paragliders, you can see one of them flying about. Later on they managed to gain a lot of height, and went for a stroll direction Rostrevor.

Below is a longer video, approx 20 mins of unedited boring views of the magnificant countryside. This is on the southern side of the spot above. It is the better one for long flights.

I am not flying with one wing low as the video suggests, I found hat the camera was mounted at an angle inside the housing. Maximum altitude during the flight was 113 meters, windspeed was gusting 10+ m/s on the ground, direction mostly west to south west. There were no thermals, just the rollers coming over the hills, but they do work once you get to know where they are. (And you know when you are on the down side of one too!!)

I’ve since disassembled the camera, and straightened up the lense. Also looking into running it directly form the Rx battery, the current draw is low, and it saves a few more grams. It is surprising how much drag even a small thing like this adds, that’s another reason to improve the housing and streamline it a bit more. It will hopefully get a permanent place on top of the Blaster wing.  There’s going to be more info at  blokland.net. (including where to get them if you are interested).

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