Jun 212009

The weather was less then perfect shall we say, but the competition was held. Given that so many have been cancelled this year due to bad weather, this in itself is worth prize. The wind was gusty, with frequent showers. Luckily none were too heavy. Because all pilots were veterans at this event, the pilots briefing was just about as brief as you can make it. ‘Let’s start’.  Note: your CD was born and raised in a village where words are used sparingly, if one does the job, don’t use two 😉 



Anyway, those who wanted to have a quick test flight, were allowed to. Sean drew the lucky number 1 to start the event. This I think was the first time he flew his plane in earnest in a competition. All the sparks stayed in their proper places, no grey smoke emerged from any wiring, all the gizmo’s did as advertized, and the result was a great flight. Robert suffered from what sounded like a pretty rough bearing somewhere in the innards of his engine. (well, since it only has 2 and most often it’s not the front one that goes, it leaves the other one. ) His time reflected the engine performance. Gordon was lucky and picked up some updrafts on the way down. This probably added 15 secs to his time. Dennis, always up there had a good flight too, my own design ‘Funtoo’ shows why it’s destined for the dustbin: wing produces more drag then lift. Great way to test new receivers though. Alistair put in a very impresse time too, Matthew’s highly tuned plane showed again that weight does matter, by clocking a time just over 3 mins. Richard used his Yak for this event, a plane not quite suitable for the task. But once it was back in sight again (and under control) after a climb like a homesick angel, it clocked a time of just over a minute. Paul, steady as you go, did 2 minutes plus as well, and lastest but not least Phelim. His engine is not used to Dutch Juice, so it was not really giving it’s best. (I thought 30% would be strong enough?)

The results of the Climb and Glide:

  Time Bonus AdjTime Points
Matthew 182 y 200.2 1000.00
Sean 150 y 165.0 824.18
Alistair 138 y 151.8 758.24
Dennis 111 y 122.1 609.89
Gordon 164 y 180.4 901.10
Paul 139 n 139.0 694.31
Phelim 95 n 95.0 474.53
Kees 115 y 126.5 631.87
Robert 55 n 55.0 274.73
Richard 76 n 76.0 379.62

Next, the all time favourite: The Tripple Trash:  The field is clearly devided in those who can and the rest of us. Sean, Alistair and Matthew put in the shortest ff1 times, while Robert and myself took the longest to complete the task. I also was crudely reminded that saving 2 washers on your landinggear, might seem like a good idea at the time, but when your wheels end up under your belly, that idea showed to be not so great. Luckily we had a very able crew to help limping planes back into the air as fast as possible. 

  Time Points
Matthew 26 1000.00
Sean 32 942.31
Alistair 37 894.23
Dennis 54 730.77
Gordon 56 711.54
Paul 80 480.77
Phelim 93 355.77
Kees 95 336.54
Robert 104 250.00
Richard 0 0.00

Touch and Goes: The blustery wind did not help all of us achieve good results. At times you wished you had a pound of lead on board to bring the plane down, but again, skills do make a difference.

  passes Points
Matthew 27 1000.00
Sean 23 851.85
Alistair 16 592.59
Dennis 12 444.44
Gordon 8 296.30
Paul 10 370.37
Phelim 7 259.26
Kees 2 74.07
Robert 0 0.00
Richard 0 0.00


And finally the Limbo:  Driving skills required here. The book says ‘gate between 15-20 feet wide. And so it was, 6 meters wide. The wind made the 6 foot high probably a bit less. I think Sean found out that having a large propellor also makes it easier to cut the string, Paul certainly should have had 6 more passes, if he had not pulled up inches before the string on every pass. Alistair put in a good number or passes, enough for 2nd place. Even Matthew suffered slightly form the bumpy wind, in that he only managed 20 passes beore hitting the string. Still, enough to win this round too..

  passes Points
Matthew 20 1000
Sean 7 350
Alistair 12 600
Dennis 6 300
Gordon 0 0
Paul 1 50
Phelim 2 100
Kees 0 0
Robert 0 0
Richard 0 0

 The Final Results are then:


ClimbGlide TrippleTrash TouchGo Limbo

Matthew 1000.00 1000.00 1000.00 1000.00
Sean 824.18 942.31 851.85 350.00
Alistair 758.24 894.23 592.59 600.00
Dennis 609.89 730.77 444.44 300.00
Gordon 901.10 711.54 296.30 0.00
Paul 694.31 480.77 370.37 50.00
Phelim 474.53 355.77 259.26 100.00
Kees 631.87 336.54 74.07 0.00
Robert 274.73 250.00 0.00 0.00
Richard 379.62 0.00 0.00 0.00













Remains to say ‘Thank you’ to all the participents and helpers. We could not have done it without you.

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