Apr 202009

Just spotted the following article at the neighbours website. Truth be told, it’s really important to keep an eye on these NiMH cells. They are not reliable when it comes to ‘fly and forget’. You can’t forget about them.

We need a battery that can be left for months, and when summer unexpectedly happens, can deliver the goods. It appears that NiMH’s are not fly and forget.

It might be a specific make that has problems. (In this case it was the same make that I’ve had problems with myself, either by them spontaniously producing puff’s of smoke or failing miserably in their rated capacity.

Either way, testing is your only answer to knowing what goes on.

I’m sure there are a zillion happy users out there, all saying they never had a problem. I’ll happily believe all of you, but I want to KNOW that my battery works.

I’m cycling.

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