Nov 292009


I woke up early on Saturday morning, and noticed the sun was trying to get through the fog. By 10 o’clock most of the fog seemed to have disappeared. The weatherman promissed 0 wind, so the car was loaded quickly, coffee and sandwiches too, and off we went.

After crossing the first hill, I got a bit worried, I could not see the rest of the world!
Never mind, pushing on regardless (great to have a gps-enabled-car.) I soon found the field.

Visibility was around 200 yards/meters at best. Not to be deterred I quickly got the Yak55 ready for it’s maidenflight. What can I say, if flies nice, but I forgot that I needed to increase the elevator throws. Other than that, it flies different than the Flash, it feels snappier. That might be due to the different servo’s I have in this one. Time will tell. After emptying all my batteries (did not take too long) and a cuppa, (1 degrees Centigrade says my thermometer) I decide this is enough fun for the day. Back to the sunny hills of Rostrevor!


(what do you mean that's a fake picture? The fog was there, I was there, the plane was there, I just did not have enough hands to fly and snap a picture.)

Moral of the story? Just because the sun shines in on your backyard, does not mean it shines on the other side of the hills!

Which is a departure from the usual,’Just because it rains where you are, does not mean it rains on the other side of the hill.’

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