Jan 062009

It was a windstill day, and most of us had their Flash/Yak or equivalent easy-no fuss planes out. Fun was really in the air, with 6-7 planes up at the time. The field seems to be drying up now, if the rain stays away for another 2-3 weeks, we are on solid ground again.

Team Poots sent in some pics from their latest venture, a 6-cell P51. Which leads me to wonder about those big sparks that you get when connecting the battery.

P51 on steroids..

Even though most of us will not be on 6 cells for a while, the following idea might be worth remembering if you are worried about these sparks. This website shows the ‘easy’ way of building a spark-surpresor.

Here’s a more civillised approach, requiring some additional work (Click on ‘Die Idee’ to see the modified connector), or use the dedicated spark-kill pcb. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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