Aug 102009

Yes, that passed peacefully too. Seems like most family-members knew something we did not. 😉   However, those that managed to escape domestic chores were surprised to find themselves enjoying a pleasant afternoon. Charlie and myself gave the strip an extra trimming, not once, but twice! No blade of grass over 1 inch got left behind. Time flies when you are having fun, and fun we had. Iain flew his whirly-whatsit, a full circuit, when no-one was watching. (I did not count, since I do not understand these things). Since at the end of the day it consisted of the same amount of parts as at the start, it was a good day! Sadly that could not be said for Sean, who somehow got his thumbs mixed up. Sean definitely had more parts at the end of the day then he started off with. However, every cloud has a silver lining, I now have a set of spare wings. (Which is a scary thought when I think about it.) Matthew brought his favorite Sukhoi out for a play, and as always, we appear to be more nervous then he is.  The pics are on the camera, the camera is not where I am, so they will appear soon..


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