May 092009

Hi to all,

I write you this email from a sunny Denmark & the Pitchbrothers Smackdown 3d helicopter Flyin, there is lots of heli flying and some top quality pilots.

As some of you know next weekend is 3dx Ireland, this is being organized by David and he has got a lot of big names to come and demo. One of the biggest names is Duncan Osbourne from England, he is amongst the worlds top pilots and is great to watch, he won 3d Masters back in 2005.


David has organized for him to come fly at our field on Thursday evening (14th), this will be a massive opportunity to see the worlds best and is not to be missed. We hope to fly from 6pm to dark, please come and support it, you’ll not be disappointed!!

Let me know if your coming, we will probably have the BBQ going as well!!



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