Aug 062009

On Thursday the 6th of august the Banbridge Aeromodeling Club performed an indoor display for the Donnard school in Banbridge. This school is for children that need special care and attention so it was to be a first on that basis. I didn’t know how many pilots we would have as the display was in the middle of the working week at 10.00 am in the morning but we had a good turn out from club members. Thanks to all those who took off work or gave up their morning for this display. It was a small hall but we managed ok. The bunch of ruffians assembled in the car park and then moved indoor to get ready.

The kids were in four groups with their teachers and assistants so we got them to sit up on the stage to give us a bit more room. Iain and Matthew had little contra rotating helicopters that we hovered about and landed on the stage and took off again much to the delight of those watching. David Nolan hovered his X-cell Furion heli in idle up 1 the right way up for a change again to the delight of those watching. The speed controller was rearing to go and so was the heli, so just one flight was made as it really was an outdoor setup being flown indoors. Indoor 3d type models were flown by Kees, Matthew and Richard who came all the way down from Dungannon. It which was exciting to watch and the kids actually cheered when a model hit the roof, wall or floor which was quite often! Matthew had a Sukoi indoor model which is tiny but needs to be flown fast and it was exciting for us to watch never name fly it. In between a group Matthew was prop hanging a 3d model and the speed controller just cut out and the model reversed straight into the floor on its rudder much to the delight of David! A distinct burning smell was smelt so the lipo was quickly unplugged but I think it was the speed controller that fired the dummy out of the pram on this one. No damage was done to the model at all. The last group were away somewhere and were a tiny bit delayed so we were offered a cup of tea and biccys until they turned up. A few went no thanks, were ok but my feet were already going like the back wheel of a motocross scrambler out the door towards the canteen! If you see me refusing tea call a doctor!!! We had tea and biccys and a bit of banter but I wont say who ate all the jammy dodgers, or rather who got the blame for eating them all!

We assembled again in the gym for the last group and flew just off the peg kind of thing. These were bigger kids and enjoyed seeing a micro heli landing and taking off from Kees’s noggin. One of the girls wanted a go at the flying so Iain’s heli tranny was handed over and she got a twiddle at it. Its a micro contra rotating heli so it was simple to fly and the girl was happy that she tried it. We do our best to please you see.

All in all the display was well received by all and we enjoyed flying for them. When we packed up a few of us headed to Burger king in the outlet for a burger as it was dinner time and again enjoyed a bit of crack while munching burgers and chips. Let me now just say thanks to all our pilots and helpers for making the display a success.



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