Sep 142010

We had us a small demo in Bessbrook last Saturday. Turned out to be small in many ways. But let’s say we were saved by the torrential downpour. I cannot remember ever getting so wet in such a short time. 3 minutes from dry to soaking to the skin. I don’t think I’d be wetter if I had jumped into a pool.

Nevertheless a few flights were had, toffees dropped and a few ooooh’s and aaahhh’s extracted from the public.

.. broken Birdy..

Oh, and flying on the back side of a large windmill is quite exiting with a small Spinning Birdy or Blaster. Talk about artificial turbulence! Sadly, the Spinning Birdy desintegrated in what I thought would be my highest throw! An almighty skrunch, and I got the feeling that all I had left in my hand was a wing. After the parts came down to earth, it became clear that the centrifugal forces of my throw had been enough to sever nose from center from tail.. Reconstructive surgery can be applied, but not today..


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