Jul 012009

Tuesday evening saw the clubs first heli competition this year. We had 5 pilots all flying 50 sized machines, 3 Raptors, a Sceudo and a Pantara. The format was simple, a list of 20 simple manoeuvres ranging from a hover to basic 3D flips, not to complex.

After a quick pilots brief, Paul and Liam our judges were ready to get going. I kicked off the first round, a little rough but got it done. David was next and as expected a great flight. Alistair choose basic maneouvres but really flew them well, very smooth and the judges looked impressed. Sean flew well and managed in my opinion a brilliant auto at the end. Iain was the last competitor in round one, having given into 2.4Ghz this was the first outing for his new DX7 and AR7000 setup (preparation is over rated!), his heli was a little out of balance and this caused a few things to work loose, he landed quickly into his flight and decided to call it a day for the sake of his Heli, a bit of balancing/wrenching required but no harm done. We went straight into Round 2 and it was very uneventful, everyone improved a good bit and flew more steady, again Alistair was very smooth his 540 stall turn was a joy to watch, even David was getting caught up in the smooth flying notion, but that was short lived, more on that later!

After I did some counting the results were ready. Alistair’s result probably didn’t reflect his flying and he should have picked higher K factor manoeuvres, but his knows that for the next time, results were,

1) David Nolan
2) Matthew Poots
3) Sean Scullion
4) Alistair Henry
5) Iain Johnston

After the competition David gave us a 3D demo and this was up to his usual high standard, he decided the strip needed trimmed down a little and his Chop Chop inverted hover turned into a clap clap my helicopter crashed, entertaining as always!! Not to be out done, when the night was getting dark I took my raptor out to try some “Chop Chop”, well it also turned into Clap Clap I crashed my heli action, so the moral of the story is, leave the grass cutting to the lawnmower…….but would that be any fun? Nah!

Thanks to Paul and Liam for judging and to the pilots for turning out, a relaxed nights fun at the field.

Matthew (acting up for Kees!)

what goes up must come down!!

what goes up must come down!!

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