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Club Family, Friends & Neighbours BBQ

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Jun 262014

The club decided to organise an evening BBQ to encourage family, friends & Neighbours to come along and get an idea of what the club does. It was a very relaxed evening and we kept it informal and fun.

We keep planes & helis in the air all evening and run several flights with the buddy box to let people have a go. Paul’s Easipzee & my Apprentice trainer providing the perfect buddy system, ably assisted & instructed by Dennis & Sean. Dennis had his Wot4 toffee bomber in the air as well, the young kids & not so young ones (David) enjoyed the charge for the sweets!!

It was a great evening and very well received by the Neighbours in particular!

Some pics below, I’m sure more will appear soon!

















Area Funfly June 2014

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Jun 262014

On arrival at the field it was a blustery Saturday morning, but the wind was in a good direction almost parallel to the runway. There were only three pilots about at 10:00am so we decided to wait and see if anyone else turned up. Very shortly more pilots began to arrive, most of them from the Banbridge club, but we did have two pilots from outside the club which was good to see. There were no pilots for class 2, so aftera quick pilots brief we got started with class 1. Each pilot had one wild card to use, which meant they could fly any round again if they thought that round wasn’t flown to the best of their ability. This had to be done before the end of the round in question and if used the first score was scrubbed and the second attempt counted.

Climb & Glide
Climb at full throttle for 20 seconds then cut the engine or motor and glide for as long as possible, with a 10% bonus for landing back on the strip. With Richard up first, getting lots of height and managing an impressive 6 minutes and 29 second glide, I think he managed to find the odd thermal. Missing the strip when landing there was no bonus for Richard. All the other pilots managed to get the bonus, but couldn’t come close to Richards time. This was a nun eventful round with no wild cards being used during this round.

Triple Thrash
Complete 3 touch and goes, 3 loops and three rolls and a final touch and go as quick as possible. Brian first up for this one getting 33 seconds. Matthew managed to beat this and done it in 20 seconds. Sean and Phelim decided their times were not up to scratch and played their wild card. Sean improved his time from 50 seconds to 35 seconds and Phelim improved his from 80 seconds to 75 seconds. Paul had a bad round, pulling the bulkhead out of the fuselage. This eliminated him from the rest of the competition.

Touch & Go
Touch and go on the strip as many times as possible in two minutes. Dennis was up first and set the target at 11. Matthew got the most in this round with 33 touches in two minutes. Even though the pit crew were on standby for the ic models they were not needed and no wild cards were used during this round.

Do as many passes under the limbo in 2 minutes without breaking the string. Alistair went first for this round setting the target at 14. Matthew cut the string after 12 passes and with 1 minute remaining. He decided to use his wildcard and only managed 5 passes before breaking the string again, but that is the chance you take when using your wild card.

Mystery Round
Do one fast pass into the wind as quickly as possible between the 2 markers, then do one slow pass downwind as slowly as possible between the 2 markers, nose to point in direction of travel for both passes. Score is the difference between the two times, with the biggest difference winning. With the windy conditions there was not much difference between the two times. Brian got the longest difference of 7 seconds this was after using his wildcard as the model was actually flying sideways during his first slow pass, disqualifying his first time.
Positions after the five rounds are below as is the results table showing the complete results for each pilot.

1. Brian McCartan Jnr
2. Matthew Poots
3. Sean Scullion
4. Richard McNeill
5. Alistair Henry
6. Dennis McNeill
7. Phelim Lundy
8. Paul Harrison

BAC Competition Director





Horizon Hobby UK Come & Fly 2012

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Oct 142012

Following the success of last year’s Horizon Hobby UK Come and Fly evening when you all helped to raise over £1400 for Epilepsy Action NI, I’m very pleased to announce that we will have another Come and Fly event this winter.

With the kind help of Horizon Hobby UK you will have the only chance in the UK to come, fly & explore the latest products from Eflite, Parkzone, Blade & Spektrum. We will have demo’s throughout the day and plenty of products for you to have a go.

There will be a large raffle of Horizon Products to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a very worthwhile cause. I’ve set a fundraising page up on their website which i’ll update shortly,

The details are;

Date : Saturday 17th November 2012
Time : 1pm – 6pm
Venue : Queens University PEC Sports Hall. (BT9 5EX, Stranmillis Embankment, Belfast)
Cost : £2 per head
(This includes entry into a separate raffle to win a Horizon Hobby Product)

You will need valid BMFA insurance to fly, this will be checked on the door.

I think that’s all for now, more details will follow closer to the time. If you have any questions just drop me an email.

Please pass this info onto anyone who may be interested, everyone is welcome.





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Dec 262009

Following on from the hugely successful event last year we have secured the same venue as last year.

AGM 2009

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Nov 252009

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 10th December at Banbridge Library, starting at 8pm.

All club members are welcome as this is your chance to have your say and vote for or put yourself forward for a position on the Committee.

Hope to see you there,


(note the library is still active up to 8pm so if you arrive early respect the users still in the building!! Why not read a book or something!!)

Redrock BB Building Night!

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Oct 132009

On Tuesday 13th October, Dennis, Alistair, Trevor and myself travelled to Redrock Boys Brigade near Markethill to give them some tips on a kit they had bought for their craft acheivement awards.

I was contacted via email by one of their leaders Colin who had rang round a few Mainland shops and was advised to order a Ben Buckle Majestic Major, basically a vintage type model like a Junior 60 only much bigger, 80″ wingspan for a 70 fourstroke. We arrived and after the meet and greets we had a look at the kit. Now for the diehard builder this kit would have been a dream, good quality wood, a large plan, construction that required patience and skill, double beveled joints, mitres here there and everywhere a lot of work for any modeler, let alone complete newbie’s with only an hour a week for 6-10 weeks of the year. We chatted to Colin and the captain Hans, explaining the level of work would be huge and the end of the project would be many years away, even for Dennis or my Dad, 4nights building a week wouldn’t see it finished this side of Christmas. Dennis had brought a magazine so we were able to explain and show how maybe a simple ARTF powered glider would be best, that way a few hours would have it built and in the better weather they could visit our field and buddy box it and have a go! So that was agreed!

The night wasn’t lost though, I got 3 good flights with my Suk and I think the lads enjoyed seeing something new and different. It was a tight hall but the sukhoi performed well as always!


NIAA Competition, Round 2

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Sep 132009

Hi Guys,
Just a quick email to show you all the scores from today. Well done to everyone! Here are the scores and a quick summary.

Overall, there were 13 pilots flying in the NIAA Newbuildings Round 2 contest. In no particular order they were: Kees Blokland, Andrew Wallace, Matthew Steele, Sean Scullion, David Drummond, Gordon McCrea, Fred Buick, Robert McCartney, Shaun Maguire, Aidan Lafferty, Dick Wybery, Robert Graham and Harry Reid. These pilots flew a grand total of 117 judged sequences.

This contest was flown according to IMAC UK / NIAA rules. There were 8 pilots in Basic. The winning order was: (1) Kees Blokland, (2) Andrew Wallace, (3) Matthew Steele, (4) Robert McCartney, (5) Shaun Maguire, (6) Aidan Lafferty, (7) Dick Wybery and (8) Fred Buick. They flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds). The scores ranged from a low of 1,689.6 to a high of 2,894.2 (a range of 1,204.7 points).

David Drummond won the Sportsman class. There were 5 pilots in Sportsman. The winning order was: (1) David Drummond, (2) Robert Graham, (3) Harry Reid, (4) Gordon McCrea and (5) Sean Scullion. They flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds). The scores ranged from a low of 2,072.7 to a high of 3,000 (a range of 927.3 points). The tightest competition was for 4th place in the Basic class, with only 16.6 points difference between Robert McCartney and Shaun Maguire.

In Overall terms the two winners of the Basic and Sportsman cups combining Ballymoney and Newbuildings are:

Basic: Andrew Wallace with a score of 5876.9 out of 6000.
Sportsman: David Drummond with a score of 5991.2 out of 6000

Well done to Andrew and David. You will be presented with the trophies at the NIAA AGM in November.

Many Thanks,


Keep an eye on the usual place for a full story..

Delamont Display August 2009

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Sep 022009

Just a quick note to say this went well, i’m sure Alistair will add more words.

A big thanks to everyone who helped out, also thanks to Horizon Hobby for the new Toffee Bomber which worked really well!


Some Pics,

Display for Donard Special School 06/08/09

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Aug 062009

On Thursday the 6th of august the Banbridge Aeromodeling Club performed an indoor display for the Donnard school in Banbridge. This school is for children that need special care and attention so it was to be a first on that basis. I didn’t know how many pilots we would have as the display was in the middle of the working week at 10.00 am in the morning but we had a good turn out from club members. Thanks to all those who took off work or gave up their morning for this display. It was a small hall but we managed ok. The bunch of ruffians assembled in the car park and then moved indoor to get ready.

The kids were in four groups with their teachers and assistants so we got them to sit up on the stage to give us a bit more room. Iain and Matthew had little contra rotating helicopters that we hovered about and landed on the stage and took off again much to the delight of those watching. David Nolan hovered his X-cell Furion heli in idle up 1 the right way up for a change again to the delight of those watching. The speed controller was rearing to go and so was the heli, so just one flight was made as it really was an outdoor setup being flown indoors. Indoor 3d type models were flown by Kees, Matthew and Richard who came all the way down from Dungannon. It which was exciting to watch and the kids actually cheered when a model hit the roof, wall or floor which was quite often! Matthew had a Sukoi indoor model which is tiny but needs to be flown fast and it was exciting for us to watch never name fly it. In between a group Matthew was prop hanging a 3d model and the speed controller just cut out and the model reversed straight into the floor on its rudder much to the delight of David! A distinct burning smell was smelt so the lipo was quickly unplugged but I think it was the speed controller that fired the dummy out of the pram on this one. No damage was done to the model at all. The last group were away somewhere and were a tiny bit delayed so we were offered a cup of tea and biccys until they turned up. A few went no thanks, were ok but my feet were already going like the back wheel of a motocross scrambler out the door towards the canteen! If you see me refusing tea call a doctor!!! We had tea and biccys and a bit of banter but I wont say who ate all the jammy dodgers, or rather who got the blame for eating them all!

We assembled again in the gym for the last group and flew just off the peg kind of thing. These were bigger kids and enjoyed seeing a micro heli landing and taking off from Kees’s noggin. One of the girls wanted a go at the flying so Iain’s heli tranny was handed over and she got a twiddle at it. Its a micro contra rotating heli so it was simple to fly and the girl was happy that she tried it. We do our best to please you see.

All in all the display was well received by all and we enjoyed flying for them. When we packed up a few of us headed to Burger king in the outlet for a burger as it was dinner time and again enjoyed a bit of crack while munching burgers and chips. Let me now just say thanks to all our pilots and helpers for making the display a success.



BAC Helicopter Competition 30th June 2009

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Jul 012009

Tuesday evening saw the clubs first heli competition this year. We had 5 pilots all flying 50 sized machines, 3 Raptors, a Sceudo and a Pantara. The format was simple, a list of 20 simple manoeuvres ranging from a hover to basic 3D flips, not to complex.

After a quick pilots brief, Paul and Liam our judges were ready to get going. I kicked off the first round, a little rough but got it done. David was next and as expected a great flight. Alistair choose basic maneouvres but really flew them well, very smooth and the judges looked impressed. Sean flew well and managed in my opinion a brilliant auto at the end. Iain was the last competitor in round one, having given into 2.4Ghz this was the first outing for his new DX7 and AR7000 setup (preparation is over rated!), his heli was a little out of balance and this caused a few things to work loose, he landed quickly into his flight and decided to call it a day for the sake of his Heli, a bit of balancing/wrenching required but no harm done. We went straight into Round 2 and it was very uneventful, everyone improved a good bit and flew more steady, again Alistair was very smooth his 540 stall turn was a joy to watch, even David was getting caught up in the smooth flying notion, but that was short lived, more on that later!

After I did some counting the results were ready. Alistair’s result probably didn’t reflect his flying and he should have picked higher K factor manoeuvres, but his knows that for the next time, results were,

1) David Nolan
2) Matthew Poots
3) Sean Scullion
4) Alistair Henry
5) Iain Johnston

After the competition David gave us a 3D demo and this was up to his usual high standard, he decided the strip needed trimmed down a little and his Chop Chop inverted hover turned into a clap clap my helicopter crashed, entertaining as always!! Not to be out done, when the night was getting dark I took my raptor out to try some “Chop Chop”, well it also turned into Clap Clap I crashed my heli action, so the moral of the story is, leave the grass cutting to the lawnmower…….but would that be any fun? Nah!

Thanks to Paul and Liam for judging and to the pilots for turning out, a relaxed nights fun at the field.

Matthew (acting up for Kees!)

what goes up must come down!!

what goes up must come down!!