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Drumlough Display

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Jul 272014

Friday 27th July saw the now annual display at Drumlough take place. This has become a regular event on the club calendar and is a favourite for anyone who has been there either as a pilot or to lend a hand, not least for the offer of a steak to round the evening off!

As always it was a relaxed display, since there is music and dancing across at the hall, there is no commentary from us, so the main focus of the evening is Toffee drops  interspersed with display flights, all of which is well appreciated by the crowd in attendance.

Gerald’s video below captures the mood well, and judging by the invitation to come back next year we did our job well.

Thanks to the folks at Drumlough for their hospitality, and to the boys who went home before the food, don’t worry, we found a good home for it!!

Gliding at Flagstaff

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Apr 132014

Sunday 13th of April was to have been the first gliding competition for a good few years (2009 I think!). Unfortunately volunteers were in short supply, but we had a site and wind, so I would have been rude not to have a go!

Alistair & myself decided to have a look at a site outside Newry recommended by our good friend from Dungannon, Richard Boyd. The site, at the Flagstaff  Transmitter is spectacular to say the least, with slopes to suit most wind directions, and best of all, a road to the very top, so there are no excuses for anyone!

Dave Nolan came up for a look, because believe it or not he fancies becoming a Glider Guider! I want to be there for his first Tic Toc!

Anyway two of us doesn’t really make for a competition, so we just made the most of a good strong breeze (understatement!) and a dry day to have a bit of craic.


Alistairs Phase6 with a good view of Dundalk.


Spectacular scenery, great views of North & South.



Pair of Phase6’s ready for action.


Looks like we’re just short of a horse and a motorbike!


Like i said, spectacular scenery, where else would you see wooly hats like these!


£5 to anyone who can spot Alistair in this pic!  (25 June: Has Alistair been found yet??)


Carlingford lough from a great height, without breaking sweat.

Drumlough Display

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Jul 272013

The last Friday in July has become a regular display for the club at Drumlough outside Rathfriland. On again the weather held out wonderfully well to allow us to put on almost two hours of a display including 3D Heli flying by Dave Nolan with his Furion 600 and the Electric Whiplash 90 size, we’ll not go into detail as to why the second Heli had to come out, suffice to say that when the grass has already been cut it doesn’t need done again! But as always Dave put on a great display.
Also on show we’re Sean & Alistair with the strykers, which fortunately did not meet each other the way they did at the same display two years ago.
As always the Toffee bomber was popular with children of all ages and a total of eight drops saw the bombsights well zeroed in and the squeals of delight as the sweets dropped confirmed that they were reaching their targets, although some of the squeals may have been shock and surprise as some of the toffees landed on folks having their BBQ.
Gerald Magivern also brought along his Quadcopter equipped with GPS and a GoPro camera which captured some great shots and video of the display.
As always the folks at Drumlough showed us great hospitality with a sirloin each for our trouble and a fireworks display to round off the evening, although we had to have the last word, with a quick flight from an EPP Flash equipped with as many LED’s as it was able to carry, so if you hear reports of UFO’s around Rathfriland never let on!



Indoor at Lisburn Leisureplex

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Dec 252009

Just a reminder that there is an indoor flying session at the Leisureplex on Monday 28th Dec, starting at 14.00hrs.  Hope to see you there.


I knew something was up..

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Nov 292009


I woke up early on Saturday morning, and noticed the sun was trying to get through the fog. By 10 o’clock most of the fog seemed to have disappeared. The weatherman promissed 0 wind, so the car was loaded quickly, coffee and sandwiches too, and off we went.

After crossing the first hill, I got a bit worried, I could not see the rest of the world!
Never mind, pushing on regardless (great to have a gps-enabled-car.) I soon found the field.

Visibility was around 200 yards/meters at best. Not to be deterred I quickly got the Yak55 ready for it’s maidenflight. What can I say, if flies nice, but I forgot that I needed to increase the elevator throws. Other than that, it flies different than the Flash, it feels snappier. That might be due to the different servo’s I have in this one. Time will tell. After emptying all my batteries (did not take too long) and a cuppa, (1 degrees Centigrade says my thermometer) I decide this is enough fun for the day. Back to the sunny hills of Rostrevor!


(what do you mean that's a fake picture? The fog was there, I was there, the plane was there, I just did not have enough hands to fly and snap a picture.)

Moral of the story? Just because the sun shines in on your backyard, does not mean it shines on the other side of the hills!

Which is a departure from the usual,’Just because it rains where you are, does not mean it rains on the other side of the hill.’


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Sep 142009

Enclosed some random pics.

David flying in the fog, just testing to see if it is really foggy, or just a little bit foggy…

Andrew and Matthew..


No introduction needed ..More_Fog

… the honorable Judges in full swing!


…Trevor kept us all in line.


Just to prove that we did see a blue sky..


.. and very annoyingly after that, my camera said ‘beep-beep’, you did not charge me!!

Heli Comp 30th June Format

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Jun 292009

Our helicopter competition takes place tomorrow night at 7pm (30th June). Expect a very relaxed and fun event and likely carbon fibre carnage at some stage!!

The format is as per jpeg below. It’s the KISS method so should work fine.


Matthew (helping Kees’ on this one as whirrly whirrly shankboner things aren’t his area of expertise, plus he can have a chance to relax and enjoy the comp too!)

Club Heli competition

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Jun 272009

heli-invertedReminder: Tuesday evening 30th June we have a Heli competition scheduled.

Matthew has offered to run it, since yours truly is likely to be engaged elsewhere. Details are still being worked on as they say.
Location is at our own field, starting time: seven-ish?

NIAA Funfly results

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Jun 212009

The weather was less then perfect shall we say, but the competition was held. Given that so many have been cancelled this year due to bad weather, this in itself is worth prize. The wind was gusty, with frequent showers. Luckily none were too heavy. Because all pilots were veterans at this event, the pilots briefing was just about as brief as you can make it. ‘Let’s start’.  Note: your CD was born and raised in a village where words are used sparingly, if one does the job, don’t use two 😉 
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Funfly update

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Jun 172009



Either the weatherman is playing tricks or we are indeed heading for a decent weekend. To remind you, below are the rules for this event.


Class One
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