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 Area Funfly

The Area Funfly took place on Saturday 22nd June, hosted and run by Banbridge Aeromodelling Club. As it turns out all the competitors were from Banbridge too, with the only visitor being Robert McElroy from the Craigavon club.

Conditions were challenging, with a fairly strong, lumpy, gusty wind which caught a few people out over the course of the competition.

The first round as always was the Climb & Glide, 20 second engine run, engine cut and glide for as long as possible, with a 10% bonus for getting back to the strip. As can be seen from the scores, this was not a round to be writing home about. The wind played a large part in this, with there almost seeming to be a downdraft over the field, all pilots did well to get back to the strip to get the bonus all be it that a couple of undercarriages were well bent on arrival.

Take off, wings level & gain sufficient height before banking gently into the turn. Or Not!!

Repairs complete, Triple Thrash was next. Three touch & go’s, three rolls, three loops and a final touch to stop the clock. Times on this were slightly better, although the wind played a part with a couple of cartwheel arrivals including Alistair who had repaired his undercarriage after the first round and now had a dinged wing! Also some of the inadequacies of earlier repairs were shown up when a slipped undercarriage leg pinned Iain’s throttle wide open, leading to a first time of just over 4 minutes i.e circling until the fuel ran out! A wildcard was used and that time reduced to 53 seconds although a gust on final approach flipped the model and broke the engine mount, hence no further scores for Iain.IMG_0297

Brian McCartan, flexing his knees to encourage the model up!

Touch & Go’s proved less eventful with the main problem being getting the models down in the wind. Matthew showed the looping technique off to good effect although was blown around a bit, while others chose the more traditional circuit & bump approach, Alistair having replaced his original Limbo Dancer with his optimistically packed backup! Electric models proved their advantage in this round with some arrivals which would traditionally have seen the pit crew belting out for a re-start, simply opened the throttle and continued on their way.IMG_0311

Matthew just under the Limbo & turning for the next 1 of 24 in 2 minutes.

The final round as always was the limbo and again the wind caused some bumpy approaches and a few cuts of the limbo string to end rounds early.

Overall it was a good days flying in challenging conditions and the best pilot won. Again it was disappointing that no other clubs took part, although the weather forecast may have put some off.IMG_0315

Competitors in the 2013 Area Funfly with Club Chairman Paul Harrisson.


The top Three being presented with their Certificates & The shield goes back to Matthew’s Mantlepiece.

You can watch part of Matthews Limbo Here


Pilot Climb & Glide (time/score) Triple Thrash (time/score) Touch & Go (Number/Score) Limbo (Number/Score) Position / Score
Matthew Poots 121 Sec+10%/1000 31 Sec / 1000 28 / 1000 24 / 1000 1st / 4000
Sean Scullion 74 Sec+10%/ 609 38 Sec / 816 16 / 571 5 / 208 2nd / 2205
Alistair Henry 75 Sec+10%/ 617 49 Sec / 633 11 / 398 3 / 125 4th / 1767
Iain Johnston 64 Sec+10%/ 526 53 Sec / 585 0 / 0 0 / 0 6th / 1111
Dennis McNeill 62 Sec+10%/ 511 92 Sec / 337 5 / 179 3 / 125 5th / 1152
Brian McCartan 64 Sec+10%/ 526 44 Sec / 705 12 / 429 8 / 333 3rd / 1993
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