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Pilots & Spectators at the 2012 area Funfly

I’m glad to say that the Area Funfly postponed earlier in the “Summer” ran on the 22nd of September and was once again organised by the Banbridge club and this year was hosted at the Craigavon clubs very well maintained Cranny road site, which provided an excellent venue. Also excellent was the weather, which i’m glad to say behaved itself all day.

Pilot numbers were well up on the last couple of years, with eight pilots in class 1 and three in class 2, and also in a change to recent years there were not only several clubs involved, but several countries!, so the first ever international funfly took place. I’m glad to say that by very fortunate co-incidence Simon McNeill was home from Scotland for the weekend & so Dennis’ Limbo dancer found itself with higher rate than normal, while our good friend Kees Blokland was also back on the auld sod for a short break. To help Kees out Sean stepped up & volunteered his recently completed Limbo Dancer for Kees to take part, and take part he did, in two rounds, until the electric wires at the edge of the field jumped up & bit him! shearing the wing very neatly in two.

A slightly embarassed Kees with “modified” limbo wing, a very forgiving Sean & Dennis glad to have finised in one piece!

Sean completed the comp with Matthews spare plane, while Kees declined the offer for some unknown reason!

The remainder of the competition provided the usual thrills and spills of cut limbo strings & caught wing tips, it was great to hear the spectators shouting every time a plane managed a pass under and the ooh’s & aahh’s when it didn’t quite make it!

The mystery round which both classes took part in was loop’s & Spots, a 30 second climb, engine cut & perform as many loops as possible before landing as close to the centre of the strip as possible. Believe it or not 30 seconds makes a plane very small & they carry very quickly downwind as I found out. I also found out that just because someone suggests you could squeeze in another loop, doesn’t mean you should!

The competition was definitely in the traditional funfly spirit and big thanks are due to the Craigavon club for their hospitality and willingness to join in.

Scores are below.




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