May 122008

2.4GHz- Advice on the use of after-market plug-in modules. The BMFA has sought advice from Ofcom, regarding the use of after-market plug-in modules, their statement is as follows.

“Ofcom have advised that replacement modules need to be individually compliant and correctly CE marked. Additionally, the manufacturer or person who first places the module on the market in the EU, is responsible for ensuring the compliance of the overall unit (transmitter plus module). If you are considering using such a module, you should ensure the manufacturer of the module certifies that when the module is fitted, the complete transmitter unit is compliant with current regulations”. Only if you receive such confirmation can you be certain that the equipment will be legal to use. Bear in mind that some sets will be marked CE and may not be UK compliant, sets bought outside UK, such as in USA are not legal for use in the UK and will invalidate your BMFA insurance. Best advice is to buy from UK shops only and ask for a certificate to prove that it is UK spec, any reputable model shop will have no bother providing this.

As a General Rule of Thumb Futaba will bear a Ripmax Sticker or Logo, JR will have Magreagor Logo usually printed on the case of the transmitter (if it doesn’t say Magreagor, it may not be legal to use in the UK), Spektrum will need to come from a UK dealer, if you have any doubts contact Horizon Hobby UK and quote the Tx Serial Number. Should you need anymore info on any of these matters please contact me and I will endeavour to help out or find someone who can.


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