Drumlough Display

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Jul 272014

Friday 27th July saw the now annual display at Drumlough take place. This has become a regular event on the club calendar and is a favourite for anyone who has been there either as a pilot or to lend a hand, not least for the offer of a steak to round the evening off!

As always it was a relaxed display, since there is music and dancing across at the hall, there is no commentary from us, so the main focus of the evening is Toffee drops  interspersed with display flights, all of which is well appreciated by the crowd in attendance.

Gerald’s video below captures the mood well, and judging by the invitation to come back next year we did our job well.

Thanks to the folks at Drumlough for their hospitality, and to the boys who went home before the food, don’t worry, we found a good home for it!!