Club Family, Friends & Neighbours BBQ

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Jun 262014

The club decided to organise an evening BBQ to encourage family, friends & Neighbours to come along and get an idea of what the club does. It was a very relaxed evening and we kept it informal and fun.

We keep planes & helis in the air all evening and run several flights with the buddy box to let people have a go. Paul’s Easipzee & my Apprentice trainer providing the perfect buddy system, ably assisted & instructed by Dennis & Sean. Dennis had his Wot4 toffee bomber in the air as well, the young kids & not so young ones (David) enjoyed the charge for the sweets!!

It was a great evening and very well received by the Neighbours in particular!

Some pics below, I’m sure more will appear soon!

















Area Funfly June 2014

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Jun 262014

On arrival at the field it was a blustery Saturday morning, but the wind was in a good direction almost parallel to the runway. There were only three pilots about at 10:00am so we decided to wait and see if anyone else turned up. Very shortly more pilots began to arrive, most of them from the Banbridge club, but we did have two pilots from outside the club which was good to see. There were no pilots for class 2, so aftera quick pilots brief we got started with class 1. Each pilot had one wild card to use, which meant they could fly any round again if they thought that round wasn’t flown to the best of their ability. This had to be done before the end of the round in question and if used the first score was scrubbed and the second attempt counted.

Climb & Glide
Climb at full throttle for 20 seconds then cut the engine or motor and glide for as long as possible, with a 10% bonus for landing back on the strip. With Richard up first, getting lots of height and managing an impressive 6 minutes and 29 second glide, I think he managed to find the odd thermal. Missing the strip when landing there was no bonus for Richard. All the other pilots managed to get the bonus, but couldn’t come close to Richards time. This was a nun eventful round with no wild cards being used during this round.

Triple Thrash
Complete 3 touch and goes, 3 loops and three rolls and a final touch and go as quick as possible. Brian first up for this one getting 33 seconds. Matthew managed to beat this and done it in 20 seconds. Sean and Phelim decided their times were not up to scratch and played their wild card. Sean improved his time from 50 seconds to 35 seconds and Phelim improved his from 80 seconds to 75 seconds. Paul had a bad round, pulling the bulkhead out of the fuselage. This eliminated him from the rest of the competition.

Touch & Go
Touch and go on the strip as many times as possible in two minutes. Dennis was up first and set the target at 11. Matthew got the most in this round with 33 touches in two minutes. Even though the pit crew were on standby for the ic models they were not needed and no wild cards were used during this round.

Do as many passes under the limbo in 2 minutes without breaking the string. Alistair went first for this round setting the target at 14. Matthew cut the string after 12 passes and with 1 minute remaining. He decided to use his wildcard and only managed 5 passes before breaking the string again, but that is the chance you take when using your wild card.

Mystery Round
Do one fast pass into the wind as quickly as possible between the 2 markers, then do one slow pass downwind as slowly as possible between the 2 markers, nose to point in direction of travel for both passes. Score is the difference between the two times, with the biggest difference winning. With the windy conditions there was not much difference between the two times. Brian got the longest difference of 7 seconds this was after using his wildcard as the model was actually flying sideways during his first slow pass, disqualifying his first time.
Positions after the five rounds are below as is the results table showing the complete results for each pilot.

1. Brian McCartan Jnr
2. Matthew Poots
3. Sean Scullion
4. Richard McNeill
5. Alistair Henry
6. Dennis McNeill
7. Phelim Lundy
8. Paul Harrison

BAC Competition Director