Curious Case of the Missing Volts.

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Apr 262013

(To the unsuspecting Reader: This is a story unfolding, which is frequently interrupted by interruption of my access to the interweb. Your travelling Webmaster)

Sounds like the title of a detective story, as a matter of fact, this story is a search for something missing. Before jumping to conclusions, we have to be clear about the word missing. There is a possibility of something being really absent, but it might be equally true that we simply percieve something to be absent, when in fact it is not. It all depends on the method of observing. And that brings us straight to the core of the problem.
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Winding up for the Pylons???

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Apr 062013

How do you win the next open pylon? How about wedging as much juice as possible into an airframe and following the basic rules of pylon racing, “Go Fast, Turn Left” and making sure your bicycle clips are firmly fastened!

Below is a speed estimate taken from a recording of Brian McCartan’s Dara 20 at the field, as you can see, the figure comes out at 240km/h or in old money a hair under 150mph!!

What have you got??

Dara DopplerMeasuring the Doppler effect (change in sound frequency) during a low pass to give a speed reading

Dara 20Brian’s Dara 20, not a lot to keep an eye on at 150mph!




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