“Summer” Roundup

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Aug 252012

As you may have noticed, the website is not updated just as regularly as it should have been, there are a couple of very good reasons for this.

1)      Things have been a bit slow due to the weather. (The weather is a great excuse for everything!)

2)      I’m useless!

Since the last up date things have been happening for some of our members, there was another great Imac competition organised by Matthew & hosted at the Tyrella club. A full report on this can be found on Matthews website HERE together with a great selection of photos.

The well filled pits at Tyrella

As part of the run up to this, Brendan went for the ‘B’ Cert and I’m glad to say was successful. Well done & congratulations to Brendan.

Sean presenting Brendan with his ‘B’ Certificate

We have also had a number of displays, the first being a new event, run by the Wartime Living History Association at Springhill house in Moneymore, where we managed a few display flights in between WWII battle re-enactments, complete with machineguns and explosions. Only one aircraft was shot down (by a tree!), thankfully the pilot was OK. There was one near miss, when a bunch of crafty Gerrys opened up with their machine gun during David’s warm up flight with the heli, thankfully the helicopter survived, although a strong cup of tea and a change of underwear was needed by the pilot.

Alistair looking nervous, perhaps he is concealing the fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies.

(More worryingly we found out afterwards that Von Klinkerhoffen here was not part of the re-enactments, but a member of the public!)

You can watch some of the battle action HERE, just to let you see that Aeromodellers are at the saner end of the hobby nuts scale!

These things don’t grow on trees you know, oh wait…..

Then we had the now annual night at Drumlough, outside Rathfriland , where we thankfully avoided any mid-airs this year, but did give the slates on the hall a fair rattle during on of the toffee drops. It’s the first time children have had to climb a drainpipe to retrieve the sweets (and they did!). As always we were treated to the best of hospitality and a fireworks show to round the night off, although this year did see a strange plane shaped object shining brightly in the night sky as the good folks of Drumlough danced the night away.

No Idea what that could have been!

As always we had a great turn out of pilots, models & spectators at Delamont & despite the weather we managed to get in two good displays during the afternoon, and once again the toffee drops proved very popular with children of all ages!! More pictures and run down of the display HERE.

The field has gone through a few phases this year, again hampered by the weather, which delayed silage being cut, which in turn badly affected what could get in and out of the strip, thankfully we are now back to normal if still moderately moist from time to time.

Hopefully coming up we have the Club Champs at the beginning of September as well as a heli competition and the rescheduled area Funfly. As I write this there is also a strong Banbridge contingent clearing out the Trade stands at the Nats, so no doubt there there will be some goodies appearing at the field very soon.



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