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Mar 192012

Once again the bravest that Banbridge (& Phelim!) had to offer, ¬†stepped up to ¬†show what they are made of in the high speed, low flying world of Pylon Racing. That’s what the movie trailer would sound like! the reality is a bundle of blokes in muddy field wondering is this really a good idea.

Of course it is! The open Pylon usually provides some good craic & with half the models being exactly the same, in the form of the new Strykers, a good test of pilots. Then of course there is me, who shows up with a leaky fuel tank & a dodgy throttle servo on a model that would never have won anyway. Yep, i’ll go & wave the flag.

The results were close, with only 2 seconds between 1st & 2nd after three ten lap rounds, so extremely close.

The Exciteables, it was exciting, Really!

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