Area Funfly 2011

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Oct 152011

The area Funfly had been due to take place during the summer, but unfortunately our summer weather meant it didn’t happen, so it was rescheduled for what was forecast to be a proper Autumn day of wind & rain. Thankfully the forecast was about as accurate as a horoscope and while there was dull start, before long there were complaints of sun in the eyes. Unfortunately the forecast may have put off some folks who had wanted to take part, resulting in a massive turnout of four pilots, all from Banbridge!

As I mentioned there was a dull start which meant that the climb for the climb & glide had to be limited to fifteen seconds to avoid low cloud, meaning glide times were not spectacular.

Dennis in the Limbo (the flex of the knee apparently helps the plane under!)

The triple thrash was adapted to the slightly wet conditions on the strip, with bunts being substituted for touch & go’s and a final pass & roll before the clock stopped on landing. The bunts proved interesting, as while limbo dancers will loop very tightly, for whatever reason will bunt in a much bigger diameter.

The touch & go round was substituted with one minutes loops, and some harsh judging by the CD ensured nobody got away with anything but level wings (IMAC judging kicking in). This was followed straight away by a timed flight round, with the first five seconds counted out from the stop watch, and the pilot then left to figure out when a minute had passed, ensuring his wheels touched down as close to 60 seconds as possible, which was surprisingly close for most.

Matthews Limbo Dancer making it under (This Time!) And yes that is Sunshine.

The last round is left to last for good reason, the limbo generally gets the blood pumping for even the most experienced pilots, to prove this, Dennis, who has been flying since year dot, clipped both poles, before making one pass under & cutting the cord on the next. The wind was making it a bit lumpy for a round usually flown at a fairly steady pace, a bit more throttle was used by some, with mixed results, but everyone took their plane home in one piece, so a good time was had by all.

The results were:

Matthew Poots: 1st
Sean Scullion: 2nd
Iain Johnston: 3rd
Dennis McNeill: 4th

The expectant “crowd” waiting for the results.

CD Paul Harrison congratulates Matthew on first place.

Sean, Matthew & Iain with Limbo Dancers & the Area Trophy.