Drumlough Display

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Aug 132011

It’s been a while since the website was updated, hopefully it won’t be as long until the next bit of news.
The club put on a display at Drumlough outside Rathfriland on Friday 29th July. It was an evening display so time was limited before the light went. We also flew at this venue last year and to say it is restricted is generous and means all flying is limited to small electric & helis. It has to be said that one of the main draws to attending this display for us is the excellent hospitality received and may be the reason we had a few more flyers this year!

The Display Team (Alistair Behind the Camera)

As always the toffee drop was popular among the younger folk at the display although one big child was also seen running for a stray sweet, but it wouldn’t be right to name Dave! Unusually there were two toffee bombers in use, Matthew had added a removable bomb bay to his Parkzone Supercub which worked well, and my Flash was also sporting a couple of correx bomb bays, which while effective, leave it as aerodynamic as a breeze block.
After finishing his sweet Dave but on a great display with his Minature Aircraft Furion 6 electric heli, which certainly grabbed the crowds attention. If you haven’t seen this machine at work, it is something to behold, with a ridiculous amount of power instantly on tap. As usual Dave managed to draw a few ooh’s & aah’s from the onlookers, luckily Paul had the microphone turned off at this stage.
The new Parkzone Stryker was well in evidence, with Sean, Trevor & Matthew all putting on a well co-ordinated display of almost “formation” flying with high and low speed manoeuvres being demonstrated. But is has to be said it was the second flight with the Strykers which really got the crowd going. Sean had decide to sit this one out, and Trevor only just managed to join in after replacing a broken prop. Just as they were getting into it, Matthew went up into a big looping turnaround while Trevor had peeled off to the left and was coming back towards centre field when the unthinkable happened, the two models met, with Trevor basically flying through Matthews model. Couldn’t have done it if you had tried all day. And while Matthew’s Stryker was a write off, Trevor’s was a fairly easy fix so these are tough models and great value.
That brought the flying to a close and we were happy to take our hosts up on the offer of a fine spread from the BBQ and nice cup of tea, while we settled back and watched the very fine fireworks display.

Matthew with his ex Stryker

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