17 Oct, spring is in the air..

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Oct 182009

..or so it felt. We enjoyed a real pleasant afternoon, with plenty flying going on. Below are the 3 newest recruits, Simon, Stephen and Darren being shown the trics of the trade.

All three are doing really well, if this spring weather continues, they’ll all be fit for their A-ceritficate in a few weeks form now.


(Spring? yup, I have it from someone who knows about these things. We are skipping winter this time.)

And just to remind y’all, next weekend, 24th, we have another funfly event. Dust off that wing (less drag) prime your engine (gives it time to dissolve all the gunk) and do not only charge your batteries, but make sure the charge stays inside said battery.

Just looking at that image again: Notice anything funny?
No? look at the trousers: Paul/Darren wear jeans, Matthew/Stephen white stripe tracksuit, Dennis/Simon dark trousers..

The mind is a wonderful machine alright!

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Redrock BB Building Night!

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Oct 132009

On Tuesday 13th October, Dennis, Alistair, Trevor and myself travelled to Redrock Boys Brigade near Markethill to give them some tips on a kit they had bought for their craft acheivement awards.

I was contacted via email by one of their leaders Colin who had rang round a few Mainland shops and was advised to order a Ben Buckle Majestic Major, basically a vintage type model like a Junior 60 only much bigger, 80″ wingspan for a 70 fourstroke. We arrived and after the meet and greets we had a look at the kit. Now for the diehard builder this kit would have been a dream, good quality wood, a large plan, construction that required patience and skill, double beveled joints, mitres here there and everywhere a lot of work for any modeler, let alone complete newbie’s with only an hour a week for 6-10 weeks of the year. We chatted to Colin and the captain Hans, explaining the level of work would be huge and the end of the project would be many years away, even for Dennis or my Dad, 4nights building a week wouldn’t see it finished this side of Christmas. Dennis had brought a magazine so we were able to explain and show how maybe a simple ARTF powered glider would be best, that way a few hours would have it built and in the better weather they could visit our field and buddy box it and have a go! So that was agreed!

The night wasn’t lost though, I got 3 good flights with my Suk and I think the lads enjoyed seeing something new and different. It was a tight hall but the sukhoi performed well as always!


News Sheet Downloads

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Oct 092009

Just to let you know that all of this years Aeolus editions to date are now available to download. Just click on the newsletters tab at the top of the screen to take you to the links.


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