And they are off…

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Sep 262009

The Trailtrekker event started this morning, Matthew and his team started at 0900 sharp. After the mandatory speaches and last minute encouragements, the 100 odd walkers set off on their challenge. 100 km walking through the mountains in 30 hours! (more info here)


Km 1 and still going strong!! (less then 99km to go!)

ETA tomorrow is round 2-ish, back in Kilbroney park.

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Dungannon fly-in next weekend.

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Sep 142009

The fly-in event at Dungannon Model Flying Club will take place on Saturday 19th September 2009. Model flying will as usual start from 11:00am and will continue weather permitting to dark. A large number of Model Clubs, Pilots, and Flying enthusiasts have been invited from all over Ireland.

George Irwin.

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Sep 142009

Enclosed some random pics.

David flying in the fog, just testing to see if it is really foggy, or just a little bit foggy…

Andrew and Matthew..


No introduction needed ..More_Fog

… the honorable Judges in full swing!


…Trevor kept us all in line.


Just to prove that we did see a blue sky..


.. and very annoyingly after that, my camera said ‘beep-beep’, you did not charge me!!

NIAA Competition, Round 2

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Sep 132009

Hi Guys,
Just a quick email to show you all the scores from today. Well done to everyone! Here are the scores and a quick summary.

Overall, there were 13 pilots flying in the NIAA Newbuildings Round 2 contest. In no particular order they were: Kees Blokland, Andrew Wallace, Matthew Steele, Sean Scullion, David Drummond, Gordon McCrea, Fred Buick, Robert McCartney, Shaun Maguire, Aidan Lafferty, Dick Wybery, Robert Graham and Harry Reid. These pilots flew a grand total of 117 judged sequences.

This contest was flown according to IMAC UK / NIAA rules. There were 8 pilots in Basic. The winning order was: (1) Kees Blokland, (2) Andrew Wallace, (3) Matthew Steele, (4) Robert McCartney, (5) Shaun Maguire, (6) Aidan Lafferty, (7) Dick Wybery and (8) Fred Buick. They flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds). The scores ranged from a low of 1,689.6 to a high of 2,894.2 (a range of 1,204.7 points).

David Drummond won the Sportsman class. There were 5 pilots in Sportsman. The winning order was: (1) David Drummond, (2) Robert Graham, (3) Harry Reid, (4) Gordon McCrea and (5) Sean Scullion. They flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds). The scores ranged from a low of 2,072.7 to a high of 3,000 (a range of 927.3 points). The tightest competition was for 4th place in the Basic class, with only 16.6 points difference between Robert McCartney and Shaun Maguire.

In Overall terms the two winners of the Basic and Sportsman cups combining Ballymoney and Newbuildings are:

Basic: Andrew Wallace with a score of 5876.9 out of 6000.
Sportsman: David Drummond with a score of 5991.2 out of 6000

Well done to Andrew and David. You will be presented with the trophies at the NIAA AGM in November.

Many Thanks,


Keep an eye on the usual place for a full story..

Funfly comp: No Go

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Sep 042009

I went to check the field last night, and to say it’s a bog is being polite. Even the cattle thought it safer to stay on the path near the hut. They weren’t taking any chances!  There appears to be 2 ” of water everywhere, it’s as bad as the worst I’ve seen last year.

Therefore, it’s another cancellation and a chance to build/assemble all those goodies you accidentally got when visiting the Nats.
















Apparently in another 5 years we will have passed the current solar-spot minimum and temperatures should be rising again. Keep hoping!


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Delamont Display August 2009

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Sep 022009

Just a quick note to say this went well, i’m sure Alistair will add more words.

A big thanks to everyone who helped out, also thanks to Horizon Hobby for the new Toffee Bomber which worked really well!


Some Pics,

BMFA Nationals 2009

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Sep 012009
IMAC Nationals Group 2009

IMAC Nationals Group 2009

Sounds like another great success for the locals lads:

Matthew wins the Freestyle, with Simon second.

Matthew 2nd in Unlimited, Simon 3rd.

Sean 3rd in Intermediate, and David Drummond wins Sportsman.

As always, the winnings are disproportionally stacked in our favour!  A report can be found here

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