Heli Comp 30th June Format

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Jun 292009

Our helicopter competition takes place tomorrow night at 7pm (30th June). Expect a very relaxed and fun event and likely carbon fibre carnage at some stage!!

The format is as per jpeg below. It’s the KISS method so should work fine.


Matthew (helping Kees’ on this one as whirrly whirrly shankboner things aren’t his area of expertise, plus he can have a chance to relax and enjoy the comp too!)

Club Heli competition

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Jun 272009

heli-invertedReminder: Tuesday evening 30th June we have a Heli competition scheduled.

Matthew has offered to run it, since yours truly is likely to be engaged elsewhere. Details are still being worked on as they say.
Location is at our own field, starting time: seven-ish?

NIAA Funfly results

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Jun 212009

The weather was less then perfect shall we say, but the competition was held. Given that so many have been cancelled this year due to bad weather, this in itself is worth prize. The wind was gusty, with frequent showers. Luckily none were too heavy. Because all pilots were veterans at this event, the pilots briefing was just about as brief as you can make it. ‘Let’s start’.  Note: your CD was born and raised in a village where words are used sparingly, if one does the job, don’t use two 😉 
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Funfly update

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Jun 172009



Either the weatherman is playing tricks or we are indeed heading for a decent weekend. To remind you, below are the rules for this event.


Class One
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What's the weather gonna be??

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Jun 142009

The question is always on the mind. Luckily it’s getting easier to see the good (or bad) weather coming. I noticed Meteogroup have a longer range forecast on their website.

The forecasts can be found on this page. Select what you want to see in the top half of the page (temp for instance) and go down to the bottom half of the page and select the date/time.

For coming Saturday (the aerafunfly) it looks like this, as in good weather!

I needed to figure out what the wind-symbols mean: here’s the answer.

Better get busy to get that competition sorted!

Monday morning fun

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Jun 082009

A colleague sent me this:
Workers at the Royal Vic erect bollards to stop cars getting too close to the building…. anyone spot the slight problem??

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Classic Funfly

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Jun 072009

As in flunfly with classic planes. Given that we are possibly running out of classic planes, any plane will do. But the rules might change.