It's a summer's day

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May 312009

Since summer does not come around too often on our green isle, I’m going to enjoy all the sunshine I can, which means webupdates are going to be put on hold for a few days. 😉

Imac Results

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May 262009

Those that were interested already know how well the local lads did. For the rest, you should’a been there!

It was quite an unforgettable weekend, in many ways.
There was the flying, the weather, the cold, the BBQ, the atmosphere, all were extremes in their own class.

I’m sure when braincells recover we will get the stories, for now it’s a ‘thank you all’, and also congratulations to all the winners. (‘Winners’ to be taken in the context of all the little personal victories achieved by all that participated.)

The full story is on Matthew’s site

Results & Scores

IMAC NI Results

IMAC NI Results

Thursday Open Pylon Comp

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May 262009

Remember, Thursday evening we are running the Open Pylon competition. Just the thing you need to relax after all these weeks of IMAC stress.

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Imac pics

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May 242009

Update: Remember, if you have any pictures worth publishing, please consider donating them to your webmaster! I’ll bring my laptop on Thursday, so we can do the transfer on the spot.

Some great snaps taken by John Pearson

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Friday evening

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May 232009

The BBQ-pit, all working fine..


doing what we do best…



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3DX Ireland 2009

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May 172009

Just a very quick note to say a big well done to young Shane McGirr from Letterkenny at his win at 3DX this weekend.
Shane has a massive talent and this is a massive win for this young 13 year old. Also well done to Christopher Kilpatrick also from Letterkenny who flew very well and had to battle with a suspect tail, Christopher finished 8th I beleive (I could be wrong on that). There was also Lee Curry, (9 years old) from Bangor who flew a Trex600 very well, his Dad was more nervous than him, a big well done to Lee.

The conditions were less than ideal and all pilots did superbly in the tough conditions.

A big thanks to David Nolan and the other organisers for this event.

And some of the events pictures can be found here


Important update for 3DX Ireland

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May 142009

Due to circumstances beyond the 3DX organizers control the venue for 3DX Ireland has been changed.

Venue is now at Craigavon MFC CRANNY site !

Please note that it is Cranny Road site not the one at the football pitches it’s near to Bleary!! (edited by Matt)

(Source: Dungannon MFC)

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Duncan Osbourne's visit

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May 092009

Hi to all,

I write you this email from a sunny Denmark & the Pitchbrothers Smackdown 3d helicopter Flyin, there is lots of heli flying and some top quality pilots.

As some of you know next weekend is 3dx Ireland, this is being organized by David and he has got a lot of big names to come and demo. One of the biggest names is Duncan Osbourne from England, he is amongst the worlds top pilots and is great to watch, he won 3d Masters back in 2005.


David has organized for him to come fly at our field on Thursday evening (14th), this will be a massive opportunity to see the worlds best and is not to be missed. We hope to fly from 6pm to dark, please come and support it, you’ll not be disappointed!!

Let me know if your coming, we will probably have the BBQ going as well!!



Aerobatics Competition

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May 092009

rainIt’s 0900 and it’s raining in Rostrevor and Banbridge. The weatherforecasters all seem to agree that it’s not going to clear up till this afternoon.

Given this situation, it’s once again time to cancel the competiton.

Today might be a good day to start looking for my pot of gold then. When I find it, I’ll share it with the rest of the clubmembers.

Other than that, I would suggest to start dreaming about a big project that will take you through the rainy season, do some much needed DIY-tasks around the house, clean the shed, be nice to the misses, because you never know when you might need those brownie points…

I think I spotted David and Matthew at the Pitchbrothers Society in Denmark. I notice the skies in Denmark look strangely familiar, same colour as ours 😉


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Pot of Gold??

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May 082009

I could see the rainbow just across the wall at the end of the garden. I clearly could see the end touching the ground, but I’ll wait till after dinner before digging up that pot of gold…

rainbow do I go for a full blown 3 meter whatsit with DAdihum175 or should I take a holliday first? Maybe buy my own flying field??
Ah, the difficulties of the rich, choices, choices….


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