There's always one more bug!

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Feb 222009

What can I say, been sending emails and updates about the webserver outage since 13 Feb. I’ve seen emailing things about the Funfly and other things to various people, but it all ended up in the Big Garbage can.

I was receiving emails, answers appeared to be going, but somehow I never got any responses. Now I know why.

I’m trying to see how far back this blackout goes, at the moment I think the system has not sent mails since Friday 13th. So if you expected replies to mails you sent, you now know why I never responded.

I’m going to resend what I can through hotmail, and having words with my ISP.

3Dx Ireland May 2009

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Feb 212009

I received this email from David, an event not to be missed, make this a date in your diary………………………………..

Hi to all

Following the great success of the 2007 and 2008 events preparations have begun for 3DX Ireland 2009. The venue has returned to Tarsan Lane, Portadown in N.Ireland for 2009 (which was also the venue for the 2007 event) and will be held on 15th, 16th and 17th May 2009.

The competition itself will be held over the Saturday and Sunday with the preliminary rounds for all pilots held on the Saturday with the top pilots going through to the finals on the Sunday. The whole day on Friday, and the rest of Saturday and Sunday where the competition is not being held is open to all heli pilots to just fly and have fun.
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1st Funfly in 2009

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Feb 212009

We were lucky, weather was not too bad, wind a bit blustery, but not too uncomfortable, temperature just about right. All set to go.
Turnout was good, all in all 10 contestants. It was undemocratically decided to fly the following events: 2 minute loops, Climb and glide, 60 sec flight, Limbo.
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Saturday Funfly Update

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Feb 212009

Weatherman says: A rather cloudy day, mainly dry with some bright spells in Belfast and the east coast. Breezy and mild.

Looks like we will have a go then. Sean will be a bit later, so kickoff will be shortly after 12:00.

Items we’ll fly: (unless I’m convinced otherwise when we are at the field)

    Climb and glide. Due to the performance of some planes, the 30 second climb might be pushing the limits of the judges visual capabilities. When the first judge shouts ‘enough’ the glide starts. (or some similar method of keeping things in check)
    2 minute loopings, we count, you loop.
    2 minute spotlanding. You count and land when you think 2 minutes are up. Bonus points when landing on the strip. If we can’t find the strip, landing withing 20 paces of where you stand while flying. Since there is little chance of you moving, that’s a good enough marker.